Combustion chamber and flare stack technology


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Gas blowers and booster stations

The conveying of gas in the first place requires a gas blower that is adapted to the specific requirements of the plant. Typical parameters for design and dimensioning are:

  • Volumetric gas flow
  • Gas temperature
  • gas composition
  • Suction pressure
  • Operating pressure

Explosion protection and the ATEX guidelines have to be considered. C-deg can provide you with consultation and quote the right gas blower for your requirements. Generally, the gas blower is part of a superordinate process and requires several features for monitoring and control, such as:

  • Pressure measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Volumetric flow measurement
  • Speed control
  • Gas analysis

These enable the useful and safe operation of the gas blower and can be processed in a designated control cabinet. This unit is called booster station. C-deg offers dimensioning, design and manufacturing of open skid or containerized package unit booster stations.

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