A cooperation of C-deg environmental engineering GmbH and INDECS GmbH.

C-rental GmbH
Otto-Flath-Straße 9
24109 Melsdorf

Contact person:
Mr. Stefan Waubke
+49 431 22017 13

Oberheidkamper Str. 105
51469 Bergisch Gladbach

Contact person
Mr. Marc Susewind
T: +49 2202 24 67 810
F: +49 2202 24 67 812
M: +49 173 25 11 892

The company C-rental GmbH was founded through the cooperation of C-deg environmental engineering GmbHand INDECS GmbH.
Our company specialises in the environmentally sound decontamination of process plants and the associated storage facilities.
In this context, we focus on the responsible use of energy and have developed a concept to reduce e.g. support gas consumption to a minimum.

Our Vapour Combustion Units (VCU) are used as effectively as possible for the harmless disposal of gases. The system can ensure safe disposal of the respective hydrocarbons under both air and inert gas atmospheres and is the first system of its kind to have a completeATEX system acceptance for the processing of zone 0 exhaust gases.
Furthermore, we have designed our VCU units as stand-alone units, equipped with their own gas tank and all tools required for assembly.

To increase the efficiency of the degassing process, we have specified the cross-section of the gas extraction pipelines up to DN 300, which significantly increases the performance of the safety fittings and the extraction fan. For safety reasons, we have ruled out pressurised operation of the temporarily installed piping systems, as large quantities of explosive atmosphere could escape uncontrolled in the event of possible leaks.
Due to the complex design of the 2-line combustion section and support gas supply in our 2 x 2.5 MW combustion chamber system, the control range and the consumption in the lean gas range are also optimised accordingly.

The design of the systems has been ” hot ” tested, approved and certified by IBExU (Institute for Safety Engineering according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health) in accordance with TRbF 20 and ATEX.. A harmless disposal of at least 99.9% of the resulting gas load can be ensured in accordance with TA Luft. The safety certification was issued by TÜV-Süd and is checked and approved on site each time the system is set up.
Our staff is kept up to date with the latest knowledge through constant training and further education. For example, our employees are qualified in the use of heavy respiratory protection according to G26.3, assembly and slinging work, as well as trained and instructed according to SCC Doc. 18. Assembly, cleaning and maintenance work can also be carried out in contaminated or potentially explosive areas.

Use of VCU system

  • Set-up and installation of the VCU on a paved open area or on the edge of a factory road outside the hazardous area
  • Connection of the unit via existing piping system, a manhole at the tank, possibly via the roof, which, however, requires a support frame for the piping
  • Safe cleaning of the exhaust gases according to TA Luft via the combustion chamber

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